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Sound Palace Expands to 6000 sq. ft Facility

The Sound Palace recording studio is in talks to expand its recording facility to include a 6000 sq. ft recording facility in Oxnard, CA. The new …

C12 Microphone Tree

New Tube Microphone Added

Using a kit supplied by that microphone guru, Matt McGlynn, we recently built and road-tested a tube powered condenser microphone that uses th…

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The Sound Palace Photos

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The best kept secret in Los Angeles and Ventura County. Contact The Sound Palace today for more information on how we can help you with your project.

A recording studio in its own building, The Sound Palace provides a cozy but professionally- designed tracking room matched with a control room that is outfitted with high-end microphones, preamps, and outboard gear all captured through the industry standard Pro Tools HDX recording system, but mixed and processed in the traditional analog world (with the option of recording to real analog tape) for that warm sound that sometimes eludes studios operating only in the digital domain.

The recording studio, with its suburban location and modest recording rates, draws an eclectic group of artistsĀ  as well as a few celebrities from all over Southern California looking for a great place to create great music, videos, or voice-overs.

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