Located in Thousand Oaks and Oxnard California The Sound Palace is truly a multi-purpose recording and mixing studio.

Voice-Over sessions are routine and remote production is available through Source-Connect.  We routinely partner with agencies and sound design companies on national advertising campaigns. Some of the recent projects recorded at The Sound Palace involved television commercials for Chrysler ® and Microsoft ® and the voice-over talents of actor Jamie Foxx and actor Rainn Wilson.

Gear on top of Gear

The studio provides 48 sound-source inputs and is equipped with high-end microphones,  some of the finest preamps and outboard processors available, and dual 192kHz converters into Pro Tools HDX. Looking for something more along? Also available, our analog summing and tape machine. Restore that original warmth in your music that is sometimes lacking in “In The Box” recordings and like stepping into a time machine, bands can have their music recorded directly to analog tape and retain the physical master recording and not only a digital file.

Small and Large

The producer size tracking room in Studio A  is ideal for small bands, singer-songwriters, and voiceover talent. Have a larger group to record? Studio B, with its 4000 sq ft. tracking space is ideal for larger bands that want to record “in the room” Also has a performance stage and lighting making it an ideal venue for live recording of audio and video production.