Voiceovers and Automated Dialog Replacement (ADR) recorded at The Sound Palace include:

JAMIE FOXX (ADR for Pixar and Netflix Features)         

Actor TOM SELLECK (NBC Olympics Narration)

ACTOR ROB RIGGLE (Radio Advertisements)



ACTOR VING RHAMES (Arby’s Television Commercials)


ACTOR RAINN WILSON (Microsoft Television Commercials)

ACTOR JOSH LUCAS (The Home Depot Commercials)

BOB EUBANKS (Promo spots for The Newlywed Game)

Actor DON MOST (ADR motion picture County Line-No Fear)

Actor SCOTT PATTERSON (ADR for television series Sullivan’s Crossing)



Actors BRUCE BOXLEITNER & NEAL MCDONOUGH (ADR for the motion picture The Warrant: Breaker’s Law)