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Sound Palace Blog - Record Label Launched
Record Label Launched

After years of discussion with various artists and bands, and recognizing the need to develop and distribute the music created by local musicians, we have now launched the independent record label “Sound Palace Records“, which will work in association with the music publishing company Greengrove Music. The first artist signed to Sound Palace Records is […]

Last updated June 17, 2015

Sound Palace Blog - Band from Germany in Studio
Band from Germany in Studio

The German band WegoEGO (click here for more info)  was in California as part of their U.S. Tour and spent August 8-9, 2014 at The Sound Palace recording their next record. Producer Tony Lukyn brought the boys in and their special sound was magnificently captured by the studio’s  arsenal of microphones and preamps.

Last updated August 10, 2014

Sound Palace Blog - Greg Marra Records Video for Friedman Amps
Greg Marra Records Video for Friedman Amps

Guitarist Greg Marra brought in a slew of axes to record while shooting a video for Friedman amplifiers.  

Last updated May 17, 2014

Sound Palace Blog - Drum Session Completed
Drum Session Completed

Chuck Maiden and drummer John Perry came by on March 7th  to track drums for several songs on an upcoming record.  John was rock solid and the microphones paired with some outstanding preamps really captured some terrific sounds from the Gretsch kit.

Last updated March 9, 2014

Sound Palace Blog
Los Lobos’ Drummer visits with studio owner

Los Lobos’ North American Tour included a performance at the Canyon Club in Agoura Hills, CA on Jan 30, 2014. Their drummer, Enrique Gonzalez, has recorded at The Sound Palace and invited studio owner Pat Murphy and his daughter to join him up on stage following the concert. The concert was terrific!   The band […]

Last updated February 1, 2014

Sound Palace Blog - The Sound Palace Joins NAMM Membership
The Sound Palace Joins NAMM Membership

Because of the its close association with manufacturers and retailers of pro audio equipment and the diversity of its client base, The Sound Palace was granted membership in the National Association of Music Murchants (NAMM.) One of the many benefits of such membership is the ability to attend the semi-annual NAMM conventions which are not […]

Last updated August 21, 2013

Sound Palace Blog - Hear Drum Recordings from The Sound Palace
Hear Drum Recordings from The Sound Palace

Greg Marra met up with an old friend Chris Compton and dropped by the tracking room at The Sound Palace to record drums for Greg’s next album. (click here for Greg’s website) Click on this link to download the pretty raw audio: Greg & Chris drum jam  

Last updated July 3, 2013

Sound Palace Blog - Behind the Scenes Video
Behind the Scenes Video

The Angels City Big Band is working on their latest album. This week the group recorded its saxophone section (Baritone, 2 Altos, Tenor) for “Cry Me A River.” For a glimpse of the session click this link:  Session Video

Last updated June 29, 2012

Sound Palace Blog - Vintage Gretsch Drum Kit Just Arrived
Vintage Gretsch Drum Kit Just Arrived

The Sound Palace finally took delivery of its long-awaited  set of Vintage 70s “Stop sign badge” Gretsch drums (sizes 12-13-16-22.)  These beautiful walnut drums, built 40 years ago, will offer our customers  “that great Gretsch sound.” The tone of these drums are unsurpassed for recording purposes and have been heard on countless albums over the […]

Last updated August 8, 2012

Sound Palace Blog - Angel City Big Band To Begin Work On 2nd Album
Angel City Big Band To Begin Work On 2nd Album

The Christmas album recorded last year at The Sound Palace was a huge success and now The Angel City Big Band is returning to the studio for a follow up album of new arrangements for release later this spring.  Sessions may start as early as March 15th. Stay tuned.

Last updated March 9, 2012