Our Staff

To create The Sound Palace, Pat Murphy enlisted the studio designing talents of  an Oscar-winning sound designer who oversaw the entire construction process. Since its opening in 2008, Pat has continued as the studio manager and primary recording engineer.

But to expand the reach of The Sound Palace’s clients to the major labels in Los Angeles, Pat brought in highly touted engineers and producers who have written music for feature films (starring Brad Pitt, Hugh Grant and Robert Redford), have worked with artists such as James Blunt, Ricky Martin, Brian McNight, and David Garza, have recorded and mixed Grammy-winning albums, have mixed music for movies, television and live acts, and who have established relationships with industry insiders.

Collectively, our staff can provide the full range of support to new artists including songwriting, arrangement, production, recording, and the potential to have your music heard by the right people in the entertainment industry.