The Sound Palace: 2 Separate Recording Facilities.

Studio A is a producer-size studio with a cozy tracking room perfect for small bands, singer-songwriters, voice-over talent, and editing/mixing.

Voice-Over sessions are routine and remote production is available through Source-Connect. We routinely partner with marketing agencies and sound design companies on national advertising campaigns. Some of the recent audio projects recorded at The Sound Palace involved television commercials for Chrysler ® , Microsoft ®, The Home Depot ® and the voice-over talents of actors Jamie Foxx, Rainn Wilson, Josh Lucas and Tom Selleck.

Beyond voiceovers, Studio A is equipped with a professionally- designed tracking room matched with a control room that is outfitted with high-end microphones, preamps, and outboard gear all captured through the industry standard Pro Tools HDX recording system, with the option of recording to analog tape for that warm sound that sometimes eludes studios operating only in the digital domain.

Studio B is a 4000 sq. ft recording space, perfect for large bands and groups that want to record “with everyone in the room.” Recording is handled through a 56 channel analog console (Soundcraft Series Five), along with dozens of outboard analog processors, and a Pro Tools HD rig serving as a “tape machine.” The studio has a performance stage, lighting, and plenty of room for an audience, making it ideal for capturing live performances along with video production possibilities.