Media company The Daily Wire chose The Sound Palace to record post-production dialog for its new animated series in 2023 entitled “Chip Chilla”:

One of the show’s characters is voiced by a 7 year old actor and he was in Studio “A” to record some additional dialog. With the director communicating over Zoom we used SourceConnect to establish remote recording at the company’s Nashville studio. We also provided an iPad for the script and an iPad for the Zoom feed, each at an appropriate height given the actor’s age.  The primary microphone was the Sennheiser 416 “Shotgun” microphone, along with a Sanken lavalier microphone for backup. We were all amazed at his professionalism for someone his age. He nailed the lines each time.

Here’s a look at the setup for the actor:

And here’s a 20 second video showing the director and the actor working together via Zoom and SourceConnect. (There is no real audio as everyone was communicating over headphones.)