Two Recording Studios

Studio A: Producer studio for small bands, voice-overs, overdubs & mixing.

Studio B: A 4000 sq.ft facility with a performance stage, lighting and recording. Perfect for large bands, recording full bands “all in the room” and production of music videos.

Music, Voice-Overs, and Music Videos

The Sound Palace Studio A is truly a multi-purpose recording and mixing studio.

It is, first and foremost, a recording studio offering 48 sound-source  inputs and equipped with high-end microphones,  some of the finest preamps and outboard processors available, and dual 192kHz converters into Pro Tools HDX.  The producer size tracking room is ideal for small bands, singer-songwriters, and voiceover talent. While Pro Tools is the industry standard for recording and editing, the available analog summing and tape machine helps restores the warmth in music that is sometimes lacking  in computer-generated  (“In The Box”) recordings. And like stepping into a time machine, bands can have their music recorded directly to analog tape and retain the physical master recordings instead of having only an electronic file.

Voice-Over sessions are routine and remote production is available through Source-Connect or through the studio’s Inline Telephone Patch.

Have a larger group to record? Studio B, located just a few miles away, with its 4000 sq ft. tracking space is ideal for larger bands that want to record “in the room” instead of resorting to the current trend of “layering” song elements. Studio B also has a performance stage and lighting making it an ideal venue for live recording of audio and video production.