A Recording Studio in its own building.

Music, Voice-Overs, and Music Videos

The Sound Palace is truly a multi-purpose recording and mixing studio.

It is, first and foremost, a recording studio offering 48 sound-source  inputs and equipped with high-end microphones,  some of the finest preamps and outboard processors available, and dual 192kHz converters into Pro Tools HDX.  And while Pro Tools is the industry standard for recording and editing, the actual mixing of music at The Sound Palace is performed in the traditional analog domain rather than relying strictly upon digital processing.  This process restores the warmth in music that is sometimes lacking  in computer-generated  (“In The Box”) recordings. And now, like stepping into a time machine, bands can have their music recorded directly to analog tape and retain the physical master recordings instead of having only an electronic file.

Voice-Over sessions are easily handled including remote production is available through Source-Connect or through the studio’s Inline Telephone Patch.

Looking  to make a video instead? The Studio’s services now include live remote recording of audio and video.  The Sound Palace has partnered with video companies as well as stage and lighting locations to capture performances on location and then mix/edit the video and audio to produce quality DVDs and video links for sharing. If you want to add this cutting edge product to your promo packet, contact us with details so that we can formulate a cost estimate.

The Studio Described

The Sound Palace as a recording studio is deceptive in appearance.The studio was constructed with 2-foot thick walls and the same sound insulation used for indoor firing ranges, but with a residential appearance and built within a residential neighborhood.  Unlike many producer studios, no existing space was needed for  “conversion” to studio use.  Rather, the detached structure was conceived, designed and constructed from the ground up to be used exclusively as a recording studio.

Once inside, ambient mood lighting reveals warm rooms surrounded by a balance of fresh pine boards and soft wall surfaces. Day and night become indistinguishable in this hidden oasis located in the beautiful suburbs of Thousand Oaks. The studio’s tracking room comfortably accommodates a 5 piece band including a drum kit. In fact, Big Band orchestras have recorded full albums in the studio’s tracking room on a section-by-section basis. In addition to musicians, The Sound Palace has hosted a wide range of recording talent from commercial voice-overs, to actors recording audiobooks, to voice talent for animated programs.

New and seasoned artists often note the low-stress atmosphere present throughout the recording process. Sessions proceed at the artist’s pace without a lot of clock-watching. Our talented staff is there to support the artist and even provide creative ideas upon request.

Stepping back into the outside world after a session is often like leaving after a quiet movie only to be shocked back into the reality of bustling life. And we are in Thousand Oaks, not Los Angeles. This sometimes leaves  artists yearning for a quick return to the serenity of The Sound Palace.

We like that.