On July 17, 2021 The Sound Palace’s Studio “B” hosted its first public concert since the Covid-19 Pandemic for Chick Singer Night. Backed by hand-selected musicians from the Los Angeles music scene, female vocalists were showcased for an audience of approximately 125 people.

The superb musicians were:

Otmaro Ruiz: Keyboards

Ric Fierabracci: Bass

Andrew Sinowiec: Guitar

Dylan Elise: Drums

The featured singers were:

Angela Parrish

Susan Wolf

Jade & Sharon Hendrix

Sofia Lewis

Sound Palace engineers Bill Davis and Pat Murphy provided the sound reinforcement and stage lighting for the show.

Some videos taken:

  1. The Band Warming Up.
  2. A Vocalist Singing.

Local newspapers were in attendance and reported on the event, posting stories and photographs in the local editions: