The Ramifications band is beginning work on a new EP and came into The Sound Palace’s Studio B to record all in the room while maintaining social distancing. In this Youtube link, we are recording the drums, bass and guitar for one of the songs. (The onsite RV provides temporary accommodations for out-of-town bands).

All the microphones were recorded through the Soundcraft Series Five console with direct outs to Pro Tools. As is often the case, the drummer’s headphone mix ran pretty hot as noted by the occasional peak signal on the Aux Send meter for the drummer. Here were the microphones used in the session.

Kick-In 1 ElectroVoice RE-20
Kick-Out 2 Vanguard V4
Sn-Top 3 SM57
Sn-Bott 4 SM57
Hat 5 AKG 451
Tom 1-Top 6 Sennheiser E904
Tom 1-Bottom 7 Sennheiser 421
Tom 2-Top 8 Sennheiser E904
Tom 2-Bottom 9 Sennheiser 421
Tom 3-Top 10 Audio Technica Atm-25
Tom 3-Bottom 11 Sennheiser 421
Floor Tom -Top 12 Sennheiser E602
Floor Tom-Bottom 13 Shure B52
OH-L 14 Cascade Fathead Ribbon
OH-R 15 Cascade Fathead Ribbon
Mono Drum Kit 16 Audio Technica 4050
Bass-Amp 17 Heil PR-48
Bass DI 18 Countryman DI
Electric Guitar 19 SM57