Steve Katz – Associate Producer

Steve started in radio in the 60’s in New York and moved into studio work almost immediately, first as a maintenance engineer, then a mixer, then with his own studio. He cofounded Eventide Electronics and transformed Dolby Labs into Dolby 5.1.

In his long career, Steve has worked with such artists as Jimi Hendrix, Phil Ramone, Chuck Berry, Ike and Tina Turner, Joe Cocker, Barry Manilow, Wilber Harrison, Bo Didley, McKendree Spring, Jerry Jeff Walker, Ramsey Lewis, and Shirley Scott. He went on to design and build studios for Dolly Parton and Porter Wagner, Alan Toussaint (Dr. John’s producer), the original Cherokee Ranch (where Steely Dan recorded “Aja”), Tom T. Hall, and Grand Funk Railroad. His resume further includes award winning sound tracks for several major motion pictures such as Star Wars, Close Encounters of Third Kind and Altered States. Steve’s sound contributions to many major films can be found here:

The Sound Palace owes its unique design and magnificent acoustic properties to Steve who also makes his services available (by request) to clients. He concurrently operates his own studio  (where he develops new and different digital processes on his Eventides) and where he creates special sound effects.