Recording The Ramifications band in Studio B

Live “in the room” recording at Studio B.

The Ramifications band chose The Sound Palace Studio B to record their music since the studio offers a huge live room of approximately 4000 sq. ft and allowed the members to record …

Jamie Foxx at The Sound Palace

Actor, musician, comedian and all around great guy Jamie Foxx was in studio on June 21, 2019 to record a voiceover for an upcoming Chrysler commercial. The session was also remotely produced and directed by the Doner ad agency in …

“You’ve helped me bring my vision for these songs to fruition. Thank you so so much.”

– Keshi Okwuchi (America’s Got Talent Champions Finalist)…

America’s Got Talent Finalist, Kechi Okwuchi, recording songs at The Sound Palace

We just started recording some songs for a finalist from America’s Got Talent Champions, Keshi Okwuchi, in our Studio A. Her episode aired on NBC on Feb 11th. Here is a video of her story and performance on America’s Got


The Sound Palace began construction today on a second location, “Studio B”, which will provide a venue for live performances, rehearsals, and full recording services. The facility, located in Oxnard, CA  will be managed by Bill Davis and should be …

The Sound Palace Expanding to 4000 sq. ft Recording Facility

The Sound Palace recording studio is in talks to expand its recording facility to include a 4000 sq. ft recording facility in Oxnard, CA. The new facility, designated “Studio B” will be overseen by staff engineer Bill Davis and have …

C12 Microphone Tree

New Tube Microphone Added

Using a kit supplied by that microphone guru, Matt McGlynn, we recently built and road-tested a tube powered condenser microphone that uses the same capsule design of the famous C12 and Ela M251 microphones.







The Return of Analog Tape

Since it was opened in 2008, The Sound Palace has always offered the best in analog recording equipment. Now, to complete the journey, the studio offers artists the option of recording music on analog tape!

Why Tape?

Digital Audio Workstations …

Tracking Drums for the band Cherry Bomb

Just finished tracking drums for my friend and super-talented drummer John Perry. We completed 4 songs with Cherry Bomb band members Dave Sirott and Chuck Maiden. Our new favorite microphones are the Sennheiser e602ii for the kick drum and

Music Video Recorded at Studio

The band Plenty Heavy was in the studio on February 21, 2017 to record a video for their upcoming release. Pictured are band members Bjorn Englen (bass), Mike Hansen (drums) and Greg Marra (guitar.)